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True Crime and the fine line of ethical consumption

True Crime is not a new media genre. There has always been an obsession with real murder cases and the criminals behind them. The earliest version of ‘True Crime Shows’ is probably the intensive media coverage that the serial killers of the seventies and eighties received. But the attention that True Crime gets today is much more broad. You don’t need a TV anymore and you do not have to solely rely on your local news channel or TV program either. You can simply use your phone and listen to a (more or less) professional podcast, watch a YouTube video or use one of the various streaming platforms to find a documentary on a case that interests you. 

Der beste Tag MEINES Twitter-Lebens

Komische Sache das. Hab ich zuerst nicht richtig verstanden. Jetzt immernoch nicht. Man kann nahezu jedem wichtigen und unwichtigem Menschen followen, antweeten, Tweets favorisieren, Hashtaggen oder Selfies von sich und dem Typen der seit 3 Tagen in der  kleinen Kneipe abhängt @KleineKneipe hochladen. -Nils Frenzel Ereignisse des 12.01.2014 Ich dachte nicht, dass mir bereits im […]